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GRANOR® Series “B” Structural Slide Bearings

GRANOR® Series “B” Structural Slide Bearings utilise GRAFAB® being a Fabric Reinforced Elastomeric Pad as the basis of the design. By the addition of a GRAFLON® PTFE facing to the GRAFAB®, a sliding bearing can be produced.

Unlike a normal Elastomeric Bearing Pad, the GRAFAB® pad is capable of a much higher stress , without exhibiting the ‘ squashing ‘ effect typical under high stress applied to a plain bearing pad. The use of GRAFAB® permits a robust, resilient pad ideal for simple structural bearings with typical pplications in mining, conveyor belt systems, pedestrian overpasses and similar lightly loaded structures,

Available in three configurations –

  • BFX - Fixed Type

  • BFP – Free Float Type
  • BGS – Guide / Slide Type


Series “B(20)” Structural Slide Bearings –
GRANOR® / GRAFLON® / PTFE Structural Slide Bearings combine the advantages of GRAFLON® PTFE material with those of GRAFAB® Fabric Reinforced elastomeric bearing pads thus providing the design engineer with a simple, low cost, functional structural bearing suitable for use in a number of applications including point loads on a corbel where use of Slipjoint may not be appropriate.

Bearing Identification

The three prefixes of the basic types, BFX, BFP, BGS, is followed by the rated working load capacity in kN.
Thereafter, movement either lateral or longitudinal is shown eg.  BGS(20)-100-0/40,
BGS(20) = Series / Style / Construction
-100 = Rated working load – kN
 -0/ = Movement – lateral - +/- in mm’s – from neutral. (Typically “+/-2mm” for a guided bearing.)
-/40 = Movement – longitudinal - +/- 40 mm from neutral position.
Required, above part number becomes BGS(20)-100-0/40.  Where non-standard movement capacity is required, it can be described by modification to the standard part number eg; If longitudinal sliding movement of +/-50mm is required, then P/No. becomes BGS(20)-100-0/50

Materials used

Fixings - Grade 8.8 Galvanised Threaded Rod, C/W lock nuts, or bolts.
Body – Gr. 250 M.S. Galvanised (Or stainless steel can be substituted).
Elastomeric Pad – GRAFAB® PTFE – GRAFLON® Grade 1 PTFE.
Stainless Steel Interface – Gr. 316 polished.

Removable Bearings

Where a removable bearing is required, if upper & lower structural members are steel, then bolting is suggested.  If a concrete structure, then an additional Upper & Lower steel attachment plate is necessary. The bearing bolts to these additional members which in turn are cast into the structure.


There is no one recommendable / preferable technique of installation.  If a steel structure then tack welding (or welding) is feasible, but bearing becomes difficult to remove.  If concrete then either cast in grout bolts or additional top and / or bottom attachment plates could be used.


Download the datasheet: