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XJS® Polymer Nosed Expansion Joint System


The SSI / GRANOR XJS® Expansion Joint System has revolutionised expansion joint construction for both new works and rehabilitation outcomes. XJS combines a tough, impact resistant wear resistant polymer joint nosing and a rapid two part cure joint sealing system with high movement capacity.

The total expansion joint system, which is cold applied with minimal specialised equipment, is specifically designed to provide a watertight, chemically resistant seal to accommodate high traffic volumes and to remain pliable in cold and warm temperatures. An important feature is that the two component silicone sealant in the system will readily bond to itself. This is ideal for maintenance applications where only one traffic lane can be closed at a time, but particularly where a continuous seal is required between adjacent lanes when they are eventually rehabilitated.

The rapid curing ability of the total XJS® system makes it an excellent choice for highways, bridges, airfields, parking decks and other high volume traffic areas that require short closure times. Installation to completion during non peak hour traffic time is possible, thus helping to avoid frustrating traffic backups and costly overtime.

The XJS® system is cost competitive, easily repairable if needed. It is also highly effective for skew joint applications due to the multi-directional strain capacity attributes of the rapid cure seal.

Replacement of failed expansion joint systems at a fraction of the cost of conventional joint repair alternatives is achieved by use of the XJS® Expansion Joint System.



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