Ausflex Series – “AC-AR Strip Seal” Expansion Joint System


The GRANOR® AUSFLEX® AC-AR Expansion Joint System as manufactured in Australia by Granor, utilises a proven design of a structural aluminium seal retainer, a preloaded bolt cast-in fixing system, and the option of two styles of heavy duty elastomeric glands capable of movements of up to 125mm.


  • Ease of installation.
  • Side Retainers are extruded from structural grade aluminium.
  • Movement capacity up to 125mm.
  • Two styles of Elastomeric gland (Flush or Drape).
  • Flush Profile gland limits build up of debris in joint.
  • Gland can accommodate vertical misalignment and limited skew angle.
  • Galvanised M20 Gr.8.8 H.S.S. Fixings are used.
  • Deck or Footpath profiles can be fabricated to match kerb or parapet upturn sections.
  • Footpath cover plates can be provided if required.
  • Smooth Ride due to flush finish with trafficked surface.
  • Water tight jointing system.


Download the datasheet: