T Mat SystemT Mat System

T-Mat System

Granor is proud to partner with Ekspan UK to introduce the Ekspan T-Mat expansion joint system to the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

T-Mat joints are an advanced composite elastomeric system suitable for use in all types of bridge structures including vehicle bridges, pedestrian bridges, and also in railway bridges as under ballast joints.

T-Mat joints offer the following attributes:

•  Flush riding surface for maximum safety minimum noise.
•  No grooves to collect debris and require maintenance.
•  Multidirectional movement capacity ideal for skew bridges.
•  Supply history of over 25 years in UK and Europe.
•  All historic installations are still in service.
•  Total design life of 50+ years reducing whole of life cycle cost.
•  Renders obsolete all “plug joint” systems with 5 year (asphaltic) and 15 year (polyurethane) design life respectively.
•  Compatible with Silspec 900PNS polymer nosing as transition strips.
•  Suitable for new structures and lane-by-lane joint replacement.
•  T-Mat joints supplied by Granor are modified for compliance with either AS/(NZS) 5100.4:2017 or NZTA Bridge Manual third edition as applicable.


Module part numbers and recommended applications:

Single joint arrangement (Road / Pedestrian / Rail) 

T-Mat 30
T-Mat 80
T-Mat 130

Double joint arrangement (Rail only)

T-Mat 160
T-Mat 260

Download the datasheet and Installation Case Studies: