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GRANOR® / ETIC Steel Finger Joints - "Series SFEJ"

The Granor ETIC® SFEJ series Steel Finger joints are robust Bridge deck expansion joints that accommodate larger movements ranging from 150mm up to 600mm total capacity.

These joints should be adopted where the structure gap will open beyond 85mm ULS, in which case the use of a ‘stripseal' type single seal element joint will transgress the maximum 85mm open gap criterion nominated in AS5100.4

The SFEJ series joints are designed to meet RMS / AS5100.4 requirements and can be designed for any skew orientation required.

The SFEJ joints utilise as a standard detail an underside draped elastomeric ‘trough' seal which locates into separate extruded aluminium retainers that are cast into the blockout during the joint systems installation process. This gland drains to a suitable underside of structure collection point at the low side of the joint.

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