Elastomeric Bearing Pad and Strip

GRANOR® Elastomeric Bearing Pads & Strip, Series “BS”

Generically referred to as an “un reinforced” Bearing Pad or Bearing Strip, they are pressure moulded from a high quality Natural Rubber of 60 IRHD hardness.

NATA Certification, or equivalent, on Hardness, Tensile Strength, Compression Set and Ozone resistance is available.

Design Parameters

The design of Granor® Elastomeric Bearing Strip & Bearing Pads is largely empirical. In the determination of the shape factor used in the computation process, a safety factor sometimes referred to as a “fudge factor” is incorporated in order to ensure a reasonable correlation between the calculated compressive stiffness value and the actual test value. This is largely an attempt to compensate for variations of compressive stiffness as will be experienced in practice, due to the friction that will occur when different surfaces are in contact with the rubber.

Material Lengths

Standard maximum manufacturing length is 1850mm.  By placing “end to end” the product effectively becomes “continuous”.


Holes can be provided.  Alternatively, many contractors prefer to “match mark” and punch on site.

Hardness    60 IRHD Duro    +/- 5 Points
Length  +/- 5mm
Width  +/- 3mm 
Thickness  +/- 1mm

Download the specification sheet: