Handling Heavy Expectations

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It is often said that a wharf is basically a bridge over water with just one abutment. Wharf structures in particular bulk materials loading wharves are subjected to unusually higher order loadings not commonly applicable to land based road bridges. Such onerous loadings arise from wind and wave actions and from the very nature of the live loads imposed by the bulk material ship loaders.

Granor Rubber and Engineering has enjoyed recent involvement in the supply of structural POT type support bearings for the wharf structures at the Roy Hill and the Fortescue Mining Groups AP-5 wharf structures at Port Hedland in Western Australia.

These wharf structures required POT bearings to accommodate unusually high vertical loads up to 19,000kN ULS with co-existing lateral loadings up to 5,500kN ULS. Many of the bearings were also required to resist occasional but significant vertical uplift loadings of up to 1,700kN ULS

Such parameters required significant design considerations, manufacture capacity and most importantly the ability to physically replicate test such bearings at Ultimate Limit State (ULS) load conditions.

Granor was able to facilitate all of these onerous outcomes of design, manufacture and testing of the POT bearings for these two significant projects by employing a combination of in-house Granor and overseas partnership manufacturing. The overseas based partner FIP Industriale Spa were able in particular to provide the vital large capacity testing facility that enabled the full scale testing of the larger of the required POT bearings. The state of the art 80,000kN vertical / 7,000kN lateral capacity testing press at FIP Industriale Spa is amongst the largest test presses world-wide.

Granor now enjoy a capacity statement for POT bearings that covers all feasible loading combinations that a designer may require for support of any size Bridge, Wharf of Civil structure, no matter how large or complex.

Whilst the “POT” bearing concept of structural support bearings is the historical default used for Australian bridges, recent evolutions of the “Spherical” concept of bearing has made its use more viable and in some cases advantageous over the “POT” bearing. The modern designed Spherical bearings adopt the use of a high stress capacity slide material at their translating and rotational component interfaces, thus providing for bearings that are dimensionally smaller than POT bearings for the same loading.

Granor in partnership with FIP Industriale Spa are now one of only a few world-wide entities capable of providing such high stress capacity Spherical type bearings for structures.

The further unique to Granor designed Graflon Series “B” slide bearings commonly used for lighter structures and conveyor gallery supports means that Granor covers the very broad range of structural support slide movement type bearings.

Elastomeric Bearing Strip and Pads and Laminated Elastomeric bearings rounds out the capacity statement for Granor with respect to structure support bearings, thereby ensuring that you need to look no further than Granor Rubber & Engineering Pty Ltd for design information and supply of the component to support your civil structure.

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