Granor Slipjoint helps to protect new Perth Children's Hostiptal

Granor Slipjoint helps to protect new Perth Children's Hostiptal

Over more than 40 years GRANOR® has supplied nearly 1,000,000 lineal metres of Slipjoint to projects throughout Australasia, South-East Asia, the Far East, and Middle East. The current SJJ Series Slipjoint is the result of continuous development from the original Series “CC” introduced in 1972.

In the late 1990’s Granor extended the range with the introduction of Heavy Duty Slip Joint – capable of very high load capacities.

Both products comprise a stainless steel sheet sliding over greased PTFE faced elastomeric bearing strip and void-former polystyrene as part of the complete sealed module assemblies.


- Corbel / Slab and Half Joint interfaces where a low friction sliding support is required.
- More commonly used with poured slabs but can also be used with precast units.
- Slip interface over masonry block walls.
- Shopping Centres.
- Multilevel Car Parks.
- Multilevel Buildings.
- Hospitals and other large structures.
- Wharf and Dam Structures. 


- Provides a Line Load sliding support (akin to a ‘pin roller’ idealised support).
- Predicable low co-efficient of friction – ideal for post tensioning applications.
- Centralised Load Transfer – eliminates localised fretting and spalling at corbel edge.
- Rotation Capacity – accommodates structural rotation / deflection providing low moment transfer.
- Noiseless – eliminates creaking or cracking sounds from sudden slippage at rough concrete on concrete interfaces.
- Vibration reduction – the elastomeric strip assists with reducing inter-slab vibration transfer.
- Marking / Labelling – part numbers and intended location (when nominated) are clearly labelled on each module.
- Standard module lengths – 1 metre for SJJ and 1.2 metre for HDSJ.
- Simple installation – modules are simply placed end-to-end on flat level wood float finish concrete corbel / seating with the stainless side facing up.
- Extremely durable – 100 year design life with zero maintenance.
- Two capacity ranges available: Standard Slipjoint SJJ for working loads up to 500kN/m, and Heavy Duty Slipjoint HDSJ for working loads up to 2500kN/m.  


The New Perth Children’s Hospital made extensive use of Granor standard and heavy duty slipjoint. The slipjoint was modified to have extra movement capacity allowing widespread cost effective seismic isolation for this critical infrastructure asset.