Granor Rubber & Engineering is a leading international designer and manufacturer of structural Bearings and expansion Joints.

Granor Rubber & Engineering is a leading international designer, supplier and manufacturer of Structural Bearings and Expansion Joints.

Innovative Bearings and Joints

From its base in Melbourne, Australia, Granor® has pioneered the application of elastomeric ("rubber") materials for the development of tough, long life, flexible Bearings. Together with this Granor has developed an extensive range of tough, long life, Expansion Joints utilising steel, long life aluminium, and advanced epoxy/silicone composite systems. Granor's bearings and joints are widely used in civil engineering structures, such as bridges, multi-level car parks and other mass concrete and steel structures.

Meeting international standards 

The innovative Granor® product range allows infrastructure engineers more freedom to explore design options and delivers more cost effective solutions.  

Granor® supplies a diverse client base encompassing road and municipal authorities, major infrastructure contractors, mining operators, large commercial builders, concrete repair contractors and industry suppliers.

Granor® holds a portfolio of registered designs and trademarks for the range of high technology products that it manufactures. In addition to this catalogue of proprietary products, the skilled Granor® team offers a custom design and manufacturing service.

The performance of Granor® structural Bearings complies with the appropriate Australian or international design codes, frequently followed by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) verification. Expansion Joints are proven in real time field evaluation under operating traffic conditions.

Among the movement control products engineered by Granor® are:

• Elastomeric Bridge Bearings
• Structural Bearings
• Expansion Joints – Small Movement
• Expansion Joints – Large Movement
• Engineered Products


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